A parody clip scene shared in 2012 was sold to 200 Ethereum with NFT

A parody clip scene shared in 2012 was sold to 200 Ethereum with NFT


A woman named Laina Morris, who filmed a parody clip for a song by Justin Bieber called Boyfriend in 2012, has released an image of the clip for sale through the NFT. The image, purchased by the CEO of a company called 3F Music for 200 Ethereum, earned the owner about 400 thousand dollars.

The NFT, which has been one of the most talked about issues in recent weeks, has again ensured that trade at a high level has taken place. This time, the image of the "Overly Attached Girlfriend", which first fell on the internet in 2012 and became a joke over the years, found a buyer on the NFT platform for exactly 200 Ethereum. Laina Morris, the subject of the joke, described the 200 Ethereum offers as crazy.

Laina Morris ' story is based on a song by Justin Bieber called "Boyfriend", released in 2012. Morris, who created a parody clip for this song in those years and also scared people with his looks in the clip, became known as a "meme" during his years. The young woman, who also appeared on Turkish social media from time to time and is 29 years old today, says she never thought something like this would change her life.

The person who bought an image in the parody clip, which was made available via YouTube in 2012 for $ 200m, is Farzin Fardin Fard, who serves as the CEO of a multimedia company called "3F Music." 3F Music, which has made similar attempts before, has become the NFT whale, as Cointelegraph has highlighted.

As we have already said in previous content, NFT, that is, the insanity of unalterable tokens, will not easily end. And in this case, people are not doing their best to get involved in the NFT madness from somewhere. If you also have any traces in the category of "digital art" that you shared years ago and that went viral or that you believe will go viral, it is necessary to remember that you may be one of the millionaires of the coming days.

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