NFT poetry, sold for $ 75,000!

NFT poetry, sold for $ 75,000!


An NFT created by a poet named Arch Hades sold for $ 75,000 at Nifty Gateway.

An NFT created by a poet named Arch Hades sold for $ 75,000 at Nifty Gateway. It is a piece from singer RAC and designer Andrés Reisinger's collection of 75 postcards.

Each postcard contains a unique one-minute song by RAC, making this the first significant poem to be sold as NFT:

“You sing a song that only I can hear / and you're the only one who can hear mine.”

The poem, written by Hades, sold for $ 75,000 in an online auction lasting just 45 minutes. The collection included a poem written by Arch on a postcard. Seventy-five copies were sold overall. Hades ' own story is epic. Arch, a bestselling poet, regularly (almost daily) posts his work on Instagram and has several collections.

But his backstory, described in Tatler magazine, is rather unusual. For a start, Arch Hades is not surprisingly his real name. Born in Russia, he fled St Petersburg to go to England as a child after his father was killed. At first, he couldn't speak English. He later found himself” at the heart of British upper-class society". From then on the boarding school developed into a successful poet, following marriage and divorce at a young age. Hades also has two more NFTS on another NFT platform, Zora, each containing one sentence.

NFT allows artists

The NFT environment can help greatly in this by opening up art publishing and lifestyle as well as poetry with the simple but objective trick of proving the authenticity of the artwork. The RAC uses the following statements in relation to the matter:

"For the first time in my career, I am completely independent. This was 10+ years in the making. I will release music through my own record label, Minerva, and through Minerva Publishing.”

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